Willner Fish Farms
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Fee fishing and pay lake information

* Feel free to email us any pictures of your experience that you would allow us to post. Thank you


Current fish price is $2.50 per pound with quality processing available

  Give us a Call with any questions (903)883-3976

          The Willner fish farm has operated its fee fishing ponds and pay lakes in Texas since 1992.  We are conveniently located 35 miles east of Dallas and 20 miles east of Rockwall off of I-30 (just far enough that you do not have to see the buildings). Our goal is to offer a fun affordable time for the whole family whether they have never fished or are an experienced angler.  Our ponds are currently open to the public and stocked with channel catfish that will range mostly from 1 ½ -6 lbs. with some reaching 10+ lbs.  Just as anywhere when you are fishing it is not always catching, but either way the Willner Fish Farms will give you the option to take home dinner. 

          For fishing lakes and ponds we offer a family oriented and safe experience that shows kids that fishing can be fun and show the parents that the children can out-fish them any day of the week.   Come give it a try and give feel free to contact us with any questions that may ease your curiosity of how things work.   


Fee fishing/pay lakes

At the Willner fish farm we do not charge for you to come in and fish.* It is simple if you do not catch anything you do not pay anything. The idea behind this is that if you cannot accomplish what you came for (to catch fish) we have not done our job.  We want you to have a great experience and we will do everything possible make your time at the farm just that.  Our way of charging is by the live weight of the fish.

Price: $2.50 per lb.

          The stocked channel catfish ponds are run with a mandate of NO catch and release.  100% of the fish that are stocked in the ponds are hand chosen and will all be of adequate market size.  Any fish of questionable size may be referred to management.


           Saturday 8:00am--8:00pm
           All other days upon appointment.  Feel free to call any time to make an appointment. 


          Immediate processing is available. Any customer wishing to have their fish may have it done to their specifications for $0.35 per lb.  That means you take the fish catch from the pond to the frying pan for $2.85 per lb. (see Fee Fishing Price List)


                    Reel:  A medium action reel equipped with at least 12lb test
                    Tackle:  We recommend a package of 1/8 oz "Split Shot" weights         and a package of #4--#6 Treble hooks. 
                     Bait:  we recomend chicken livers as they are the cheapest and simple to use.  (feel free to contact us for any other recommended bait that is working before you purchase anything)

                    Fishing poles are available to rent  for $4.00 each and assorted baits that have proven successful will also be available.  Baskets for holding fish, as well as  a dip net to assist in landing fish will be available to every group at no charge. 
                    Feel free to bring any equipment that you may have as well as any bait that you may desire (no minnows allowed).  We recommend that you bring whatever you feel comfortable fishing with.  However, "Do not sweat the small stuff", anything that you may not have will be available for you.  We want to do everything possible to help you have the best fishing experience.    (note: any equipment deemed unsuitable me be prohibited for your best interest.) 
Catch and release fishing ponds

          Ponds on the farm designated to catch and release are made available and exempt from the prices above.  The prices on such ponds are set in accordance with the stocking ration and high probability of many fish being caught.  ALL Catch and Release Ponds will be BARBLESS hooks only.  (see Fee Fishing Price List)


Fee Fishing Price List

Entry fee  --------------------------------------------------------------- FREE*

Live fish------------------------------------------------------------------ $2.50 per lb.

Processing---------------------------------------------------------------$0.35 per lb.

(Includes Fillets, nuggets, steaks, and/or the processing manner of your choice)

Catch and release


Children (2-13)-----------------------------------------------------$15.00/hr.


*There will be a $5.00 per pole fee if we have to clean up after you. We try and keep it clean and we ask you to do the same.  Free admission for your compliance. 

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