Welcome to the willnerfishfarms.com. Take time to look at what is available but most importantly feel free to contact us with any questions.  Our goal is to find a way to meet each individual’s aquaculture needs.  Whether you need a perch for your grandson’s class project, or looking to stock your 20 acre lake we want to see what we can do to help you.  
With over 30 years of farming experience our goal is to answer questions and educate individuals in the best manner possible.  It has been said that “The only bad question is the one not asked”, there cannot be a truer statement when learning about aquaculture.  As
a matter of fact if we cannot answer your questions we will take time to find the answer.

    Take a minute to look at our site or just give us a call.  We also have fee fishing ponds and pay lakes that are available to the whole family and would love to have you come and experience a day of catching channel catfish at their best. 

Willner Fish Farms
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Welcome! Come on out!

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